Topsy-turvy world in Colombia

Upon stepping into this Colombian house, visitors will find their world turned upside down.

The house in Guatavita, a short distance from the Colombian capital Bogota, is capturing the imagination of visitors looking for fun following Covid-19 restrictions.

Inside the house - designed by Austrian owner Fritz Schall, who lives in Colombia with his family - tourists walk on ceilings where floors would normally be, while furniture is positioned beneath them.

Schall said he was inspired by a trip to his native Austria with his grandchildren in 2015, where they saw a similar building.

Construction on the house was delayed by the pandemic, but the unusual property was finally finished at the start of the year.

For visitors weary of the pandemic and lockdowns, the whimsical house offers a dose of light relief.

Similar structures have been spotted in other parts of the world, from Thailand to Russia to Germany.

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