Too much sun for the sunflowers

This year's summer in Bulgaria has been a little too hot for these sunflowers to handle.

Temperatures that usually hover around 25 deg C have soared in recent months, hitting record highs in July, and are continuing to sear the country. According to weather forecasts, temperatures are expected to climb to more than 34 deg C in the next few days.

It is little wonder that these fields of sunflowers in the north-eastern village of Kamen Bryag have been baked to the dull brown colour they now sport.

Bulgaria is a major exporter of sunflower seeds. But there have been instances where harvests were ruined by heatwaves.

It was a brighter picture near Bulgaria's Black Sea coast however.

The region is making hay while the sun shines, as tourists flock to the beachside resorts there. Risk of terrorism in other holiday spots is said to have made Bulgaria quite popular among many Europeans.

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