The catch is in the hole

It may be hard to believe, but the best time to go ice-fishing is in the spring.

On Monday, this fisherman, armed with his canoe and fishing equipment, took advantage of the melting snow and better visibility under the ice to do just that in Bjoerkoe on Raipaluoto Island, western Finland.

Ice-fishing is a national pastime in Finland, where anglers catch fish through holes in a frozen body of water. These fishermen usually sit on a stool in the open on a frozen lake or in a heated cabin on the ice.

Even though ice-fishing might sound challenging because of the cold weather conditions in Finland, it is a much easier hobby than it may seem, reported the Helsinki Times.

"For many people, to go fishing on the ice is even simpler than open-water summer fishing," Mr Ismo Kolari, an adviser at the Fisheries Centre in the southern Tampere region was quoted by the online publication as saying.

"One doesn't need any boat and can easily walk to the fishing spots."

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