Taking the high road over Thames

Action-sports performer Travis Pastrana turned heads yesterday when he successfully completed a barge-to-barge backflip on a motorcycle.

Two unmoored barges on the River Thames in London served as the stage for this thrilling act. With the O2 Arena serving as the backdrop, Pastrana sped off from one barge, taking only about 46m to accelerate to take-off speed.

After racing up the ramp, he somersaulted over the 23m-wide gap between the barges before landing safely on the second barge.

He had to come to a stop quickly, or risk shooting past the barge's edge and falling into the water.

There were plenty of unknown details that Pastrana had to factor in during the performance, including the fact that the rough waters of the Thames made the landing barge a moving target.

Pastrana's stunt was to celebrate the announcement of next year's European tour of action-sports show Nitro Circus Live.

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