Sunken city in deepest pool

Dubai, home of the tallest skyscraper, now hosts the world's deepest swimming pool too.

Deep Dive Dubai plunges over 60m, beating former Guinness World Record holder Deep Spot in Poland by 15m.

Below its surface lies an entire underwater world.

Designed to resemble a sunken city, explorers can suit up in diving gear to play underwater pool, foosball or chess, or they can explore the depths of the expansive, multi-themed facility. The facility's owners say it takes several dives to see everything.

The 14 million litres of water - an amount equivalent to nearly six Olympic-sized swimming pools - contain an abandoned city, apartment and arcade. Non-divers can watch friends and loved ones from the facility's built-in restaurant.

The pool is now available by invitation only and is expected to open to the public later this month.


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