Sleep tight, sweet dreams

"Lab assistants" helping members of the media in Singapore get into their hammocks at The Chronarium, a public sleep laboratory designed by British artist Rachel Wingfield during a media preview of the Festival of Tech at The Cathay.

The Chronarium has been described by the organisers as presenting an "immersive audiovisual environment", using colour and texture to plunge someone into a calm and restorative space, so he or she can be lulled into sleep.

Members of the public can enjoy 15-minute sessions at the installation until Oct 15. It is part of the first-of-its-kind festival organised by the Infocomm Development Authority, where technology meets art and design.

Ms Wingfield aims to address the growing issue of people getting insufficient sleep in this digital age and how using public space as a shared resource can be a solution.

She is a founder of Loop.pH, a Britain-based spacial laboratory which is presenting this initiative.


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