Second chance after birth accident

Angel Marie, a miniature horse from the US town of Industry in western Maine, has got a leg-up in life, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine. A prosthetic limb, fashioned from highly durable plastic, has meant that the foal can walk again.

Angel Marie lost a limb after its mother accidentally crushed it shortly after its birth.

Its owners were left with two choices - put the foal down or amputate its leg. They chose the latter, but they knew the animal needed more help.

Hope arrived in the form of Mr Derrick Campana, from Animal Orthocare in Virginia.

The orthotist has hand-sculpted limbs for all kinds of animals, including an elephant in Thailand that had its legs blown off by landmines.

He told the Reuters news agency that watching Angel Marie take its first steps was emotional.

"Seeing her walk and having her here, today, walking is just a dream come true. A miracle."

Angel Marie will get new artificial legs to suit its growing body as it becomes an adult.

Owner Lennie Green told the WUSA9 television station: "Any animal deserves a second chance. If they get injured or lose a leg, you don't have to put them all down."

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