Sailing to an early start

Fishermen drive fishing boats and sampans out to sea against the rising sun in Shandong province, China, on Thursday.

Marine aquaculture is a big feature of the province's Rongcheng city, with the area for the industry spanning more than 37,000ha.

Referring to Rongcheng as China's "capital of kelp", a China Daily report in 2020 said the city produced 80 per cent of Shandong's total seaweed, while contributing more than 40 per cent of the national total.

Located on the Shandong Peninsula's easternmost tip, the city is also known for other marine products such as sea cucumber, clams, abalone and oysters.

This time of the year is an important period in marine production.

Many fishermen go on trips to carry out aquaculture operations such as algae management and protection, as well as replace aquaculture floats, to prepare for future harvests.

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