Right balance for mind and body

It seems like a magic trick, but this balancing act is fully grounded in the laws of physics.

Self-taught Palestinian artist Mohammed al-Shenbari, 24, says he can balance almost any object.

"You just need to know the fulcrum of the object and you get it," he told the Associated Press.

Using "a mix of mind and body", the fitness and bodybuilding coach demonstrated how he balanced various objects on top of each other in the yard of his home in Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip, last Wednesday.

His inspiration came a year ago from Korean balance artist Nam Seok Byun, whom he saw on YouTube arranging layers of rocks delicately supported by round pebbles.

The artist's skill has made him a popular entertainer and frequent participant in psychological support sessions that are common in conflict-ridden Gaza.

His dream is to compete on reality TV shows and travel to Asia, where the art of balancing is practised, to improve his skills.

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