Reaching for a coveted dream

A scheme to protect young people who had entered the United States illegally as children from being deported might have hit a wall, but that has not stopped activists from continuing to campaign for those who have been affected.

On Sunday, dozens of families from the US and Mexico reunited for a brief moment along the countries' border for the Keep Our Dream Alive event. Many were seeing their relatives after years or, in some cases, for the very first time.

Officials said the event aimed to "call for the passage of the Dream Act, condemn family separation, and to commemorate International Human Rights Day", reported KTSM-TV in Texas.

The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative was meant to shield thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

However, it was cancelled by US President Donald Trump in September. US Congress has until March next year to find an alternative solution.

Activists have been pressing lawmakers to pass the Dream Act, which offers a way for these young immigrants to become legal residents. But they say that tying the Bill to increased border security, as many Republican leaders want, will increase the threat of deportation for those who do not qualify for relief, reported The Guardian.

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