Public art gets a mammoth boost

Mammoths would have been a sight to behold centuries ago.

Now, one of them, or at least its skeleton, is set to awe people again at an open-air exhibition called L'Industrie Magnifique, or Magnificent Industry, that will open in Strasbourg, France, tomorrow.

The mammoth skeleton, said to be at least 12,000 years old, is 5m tall and weighs 1,400kg.

It will be displayed above a series of water jets, in a sound, light and water show called Mammuthus Volantes (Flying Mammoth).

Mr Jacques Rival, the artist behind the exhibit, said he wanted the skeleton to be shown differently from what one would see in a museum.

L'Industrie Magnifique is a colossal undertaking to showcase how industry, businesses and art can work together to animate public spaces.

The event, which is on till May 13, includes 26 works of art that are sponsored by businesses, displayed in the main squares of the city.

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