Powered by colour

A 302m-high chimney, part of a power station in the eastern city of Chemnitz in Germany, used to be a drab concrete structure. 

That is, until French artist Daniel Buren came along in 2013 and gave it a colourful coat of paint, transforming it into a multicoloured “beanpole”, or Lulatsch, as locals know it. 

In 2017, the chimney received another makeover – an 18,000 sq m outer shell with lighting that makes it glow in the dark, casting its rainbow hues onto the surrounding clouds.

Buren is a conceptual artist, painter and sculptor who has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Premium Imperiale for painting in Tokyo in 2007. 

Said to be one of the most active and recognised artists on the international scene, his work has been shown in important institutions and sites around the world. 

He is known for using contrasting coloured stripes to integrate visual surface and architectural space, notably on landmark architecture

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