Pose. Smile. Freeze.

This dancer did not give a hang about the minus 37 deg C temperature as she performed on a tree in Mohe, China, yesterday.

Mohe, in Heilongjiang province, is the northernmost county in China, and borders Russia. It has a sub-Arctic climate with long, severe winters, when temperatures can dip to as low as minus 45 deg C, reported China Daily.

It is said to be so cold there that icicles form around one's nostrils with each breath, and a car's fuel can freeze after half an hour.

The county's northernmost settlement is Beiji village, which has been suitably nicknamed China's "Arctic Village", according to broadcasting company GBTimes.

Visitors brave enough to face the biting cold go there not only to appreciate the land's raw beauty, but also to see the aurora borealis or Northern Lights.

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