Pitch perfect for the game of life

It has been called the beautiful game but football, like life, can be a tricky one, too, as the children playing on the "Puckelboll" pitch in Skaerholmen, south-west of Stockholm, found out on Monday.

The artificial grass pitch is an interactive artwork designed by artist Johan Stroem who has, through changes in the playing conditions, created a new kind of football where one does not have to be the best to win because the element of serendipity is constantly at work.

The field can be described as an artistic impression of the phenomenon of football and how it resembles the "playground" of life.

The ball does not always go where you want it to, the ground can be bumpy, the two halves of the field are not the same and the goals look different.

Yet, the unevenness can be negated by the strengths of the players.

The artist's work also calls for a return to the playfulness of the game and questions the elitism that exists in the sport.

Some weighty issues raised, ironically, for those who may just want to kick a ball around in the dirt.

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