Peak of thrills in the Alps

This snowboarder did not get cold feet over crossing the Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

Hanging at nearly 3,000m above sea level, it is the world's first suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks.

One end is at the View Point lookout of the Glacier 3000 cable car ride, while the other end is atop the Scex Rouge mountain.

Building such a structure is no easy feat. Designers had to take factors such as the weight the bridge can hold, as well as the extreme weather conditions there, such as heavy snow and winds that can reach 200kmh.

The bridge, opened in 2014, can hold up to 300 people at one time, but for added safety, the number is restricted to 150, said reports.

Those brave enough to make the 107m walk across are rewarded with some spectacular views of the Alps, including that of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and the Jungfrau mountains.

Peak Walk, which is open all year round, is free for visitors to Glacier 3000.

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