Oh deer!

This bird found a unique temporary perch - the head of a white-tailed deer in San Jose Villanueva, south-west of El Salvador. And the deer didn't seem to mind, making for a picture of harmony in nature.

The white-tailed deer, which gets its name from, well, its large white tail, can be found throughout North and South America. These deer, which can grow up to 180kg, use their tails to confuse predators or warn others in the area of danger.

Male deer, or buck, grow new antlers every autumn, and shed them a few months later - a phenomenon that has made deer antlers prized as trophies for hunters. Contrary to popular belief, buck do not commonly use their antlers to fight predators. Rather, during the mating season, they fight over territory by using their antlers in sparring matches, said National Geographic.

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