Maze brings new light to the Padang

This labyrinth of light at the Padang is part of this year's Light To Night Festival.

Called Optical Maze, it was created by Portuguese architecture firm Ottotto and was inspired by the work of Singaporean artist Anthony Poon.

The interactive installation aims to restore the Padang to its original intended use as a recreational civic space.

As visitors navigate the labyrinth, they will see the various irregular and constantly shifting shapes of the installation, varying based on their position within it.

The maze also contains a hidden message that can be viewed from the surrounding skyscrapers in the Civic District.

Some of the other highlights of the festival include an escape game at the National Gallery Singapore and floating skyscrapers of light at the gallery's Padang Atrium.

The festival starts on Friday and runs till Jan 19. Admission is free.

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