Lighting up Seoul's lantern festival

A lantern parade featuring such show-stoppers as this gigantic dragon, sashaying in tandem with heart-pounding music, pulled in the crowds over the weekend in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The parade is part of the celebrations for Yeondeunghoe, or the Lotus Lantern Festival, that commemorates Buddha's birthday.

Though the date of his birth is not known, South Koreans traditionally mark the occasion on the first full moon day in May - that would be tomorrow this year.

It is a big occasion in the country as many South Koreans are Buddhists.

Lanterns play a huge part during Yeondeunghoe as they represent Buddha's wisdom and compassion.

Apart from the parade, which featured thousands of lanterns, the streets of Seoul were also filled with other attractions such as traditional music and dance performances and booths showcasing Korean culture.

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