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Jaguar revs ahead at motor show

In the end, it took just 15 heart-stopping seconds to mark the grand old lady's 80th anniversary in an unforgettable way.

But into it went months of preparation, as stunt driver Terry Grant steered the F-Pace - Jaguar's first sport utility vehicle - through a19m-high loop-the-loop course in Frankfurt, Germany, at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA).

According to news reports, Mr Grant approached the loop at 85kmh and at one point in the course, slowed to 24kmh. He followed a white line to keep the car on track and his body absorbed an astonishing 6.5Gs.


What's more, rain had soaked the course earlier - so much rain that the Frankfurt airport was reportedly closed for a while.

Way to top your competitors, when more than 200 new cars will be launched at the 66th edition of the world's largest motor show. First held in Berlin in 1897, this year's IAA will have 1,100 exhibitors of passenger vehicles from 39 countries.

All eyes are on the slowing China market, even as Europe's carmakers emerge from the region's economic crisis.


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