Ironclad resolve for his art

French artist Abraham Poincheval is known for his bizarre and outrageous performances, such as spending two weeks being sewn inside a stuffed bear.

His next feat is also no walk in the park.

Dressed in a full suit of 11th century-style plate armour, he is making a 170km journey by foot across the north-western region of Brittany in France.

The 45-year-old, dubbed France's most extreme artist, drew his inspiration from the romantic literature idea of knights-errant who wandered in search of adventure and acts of chivalry.

The artist is no stranger to exploring the notion of confinement.

Last year, he made headlines when he spent one week entombed inside a limestone boulder in a Paris art museum, armed with only dried food, water and an emergency phone line.

"It is very complex. You pass from one feeling to another. Like you are being carried away on a raft," he later said of the experience.

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