In Pictures: Qing Ming Festival through the years

Qing Ming Festival is celebrated on the 106th day after the December winter solstice in the Chinese lunar calendar, which falls on the first week of April in the Gregorian calendar. Also known as Chinese All Souls' Day and Tomb Sweeping Festival, it is a day that the Chinese faithfully remember and honour their ancestors and show filial piety. Qing Ming Festival is very much a family affair as a day for tidying the graves of their ancestors and relatives. After the ancestral worship, families would gather and feast on the food that were offered during the prayers. The festival is observed by the Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam and celebrated as a public holiday in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pictures curated by Simon Ker and Doris Goh. Photographs can be purchased from the Information Resource Centre, tel: 63195726, 63195508