In Pictures: Mount Agung eruption

Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali erupted twice in a week, sending plumes of ash and steam into the sky and causing flight plans to be changed. Around 25,000 people living on the slopes of Agung have been evacuated to hundreds of refuge shelters.

A boy takes pictures during Mount Agung's eruption seen from Kubu sub-district in Karangasem Regency on Indonesia's resort island of Bali. PHOTO: AFP
Mount Agung volcano seen spewing smoke and ash. PHOTO: REUTERS
Tourists watch the eruption of Mount Agung at a restaurant on Jemeluk Beach. PHOTO: REUTERS
Mount Agung volcano erupts as seen from Culik Village. PHOTO: REUTERS
An officer with the disaster management agency BPBD places a mask on child at a shelter for residents sheltering from Mount Agung volcano following its eruption. PHOTO: REUTERS
A motorist rides his motorbike during a shower of ash and rain from Mount Agung volcano. PHOTO: REUTERS
Plants in a garden are covered in ash from the eruption of Mount Agung volcano in Jungutan Village. PHOTO: REUTERS
Evacuees at an emergency shelter as the Mount Agung volcano spews volcanic ash. Photo: EPA
Balinese stay the night at an evacuation centre after Mount Agung volcano erupted for a second time within a week. PHOTO: AFP
Mount Agung's eruption seen between a Balinese temple. PHOTO: EPA
Passengers stand near a flight information board after Indonesian and regional authorities heightened flight warnings. PHOTO: REUTERS
Local residents evacuating their cattle to a safe area. PHOTO: EPA
Volunteers distribute protective masks to local residents. PHOTO: EPA
Balinese Hindus take part in a ceremony, where they pray near Mount Agung in hope of preventing a volcanic eruption. PHOTO: AFP
Balinese Hindus engaged in prayer. PHOTO: REUTERS

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