Hot spot to cool off

A swimming pool in a former coking plant in Essen, Germany, is quite the hot spot among those looking to stay cool during the summer.

Created by Frankfurt artists Daniel Milohnic and Dirk Paschke, the 12m-long pool is made of shipping containers welded together, and is open to the public free of charge during the summer.

The unique attraction, billed as one of most exciting bathing locations in the country, was created in 2001 when the 19th century Zeche Zollverein complex - once among the largest collieries in Europe - was transformed into a cultural and creative hub.

The sprawling 100ha red brick complex, now a Unesco World Heritage Site, also houses a contemporary design museum.

The Bauhaus-style industrial relic is a testament to the development of heavy industries in western Germany's Ruhr area, and the role they played in shaping the region for more than a century.

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