Holy cow, what a collection!

A French apartment in Saint-Omer holds an "udder-ly" stunning collection of 1,679 stuffed toy cows belonging to model Emeline Duhautoy.

The 25-year-old has been collecting the ruminants for over seven years, after a holiday in the mountains when she was 15. The car she was in was blocked by a herd on a small, winding road in the meadows, and "the sweet sound of the bells, the sweetness of that moment" pleased her, reported La Voix Du Nord.

According to the regional newspaper, she is a "miniavaccaphile". The word might sound like a contagious disease, but it is simply what the French would call someone who collects everything cow-related.

Ms Duhautoy's obsession is practically viral, though - from her slippers to her tea towels to her cutlery. But the running champion is "not against a good steak". She said the most beautiful piece in her collection is a cow dancing in the country.

Alas, she is far from holding the record for the largest collection of cow-related items.

That title belongs to Ms Ruth Klossner of Lafayette, Minnesota, who owned 15,144 items as of June 9, 2015, according to the Guinness World Records website. Ms Klossner has been gathering bovine memorabilia for over 30 years.

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