Herd community: Asian elephant sculptures on display in London

A display of Asian elephant sculptures, seen here in London's Green Park, will go from one park to another across London until late next month.

These life-size works are part of a campaign organised by the Elephant Family Trust. The campaign aims to highlight the number of elephants that now live in human-dominated landscapes and raise awareness of how humanity can better co-exist with animals.

The sculptures will later be sold for between £6,000 (S$11,200) for a calf and £30,000 for a fully grown tusker.

The 125 model elephants were hand-crafted by communities in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu who live alongside the giant land mammals.

Each sculpture is modelled on a real-life elephant counterpart and made from lantana, an invasive weed whose removal from protected areas benefits wildlife.

Elephant Family will use the money raised for conservation activities.

These include securing wildlife corridors to enable safe passage for animals and people, expanding national parks, and protecting indigenous and tribal knowledge.


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