Harrowing walk through the clouds

There is more to this leisurely stroll through the clouds than meets the eye.

It is definitely not one for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights.

While not the longest or the tallest in China, the glass-bottomed suspension bridge at Lingjiangyuan Forest Park in Zhejiang province still offers plenty of excitement for those who dare walk across it.

Glass bridges have become viral sensations online and popular tourist spots in China since they started popping up around the country in recent years.

They not only offer a beautiful view of the pristine natural surroundings, but also give visitors a harrowing jolt as they see the sheer drop below them through the glass floor of the bridge.

Many viral videos show visitors struggling as they come to terms with the view.

The videos often show them crying, laughing and lying on the bridges, refusing to walk on.

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