Gymnast granny's Guinness record

At 89 years of age, Ms Johanna Quaas is living up her golden years with flips, scissor twists, handstands and cartwheels.

The grandmother, who hails from Germany, is listed in the Guinness Book Of Records as the world's oldest active gymnast and was this year given the Nadia Comaneci award for her extraordinary athletic performance.

She has also been included in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Speaking of her record, Ms Quaas said: "It is a great feeling to be included in the Guinness World Records book and I hope my record inspires others to realise it's never too late."

She was born into a family of gymnasts and pursued the sport for a time as a child.

She gave it up when she got married and had children, but picked it up again when she was in her 50s, performing in her first competition at the age of 56.

She caught the media's attention in 2012 (at age 86), after videos captured her performing gymnastic routines at the Turnier der Meister in Cottbus, Germany.

Ms Quaas maintains a strict exercise regimen that combines running and yoga, as well as weekly training sessions with her granddaughter Susi (far left) in her hometown of Halle.

She remains a regular competitor in the amateur circuit in Germany.

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