Grand birthday for 'Jewel of Bilbao'

A spectacular show of music, light and projections lent colour to the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, on Wednesday.

The 20-minute public artwork called Reflections was produced for the event by British light-and-sound company 59 Productions, and will be played on a loop across four evenings until tomorrow.

With 900,000 lumens of pro-jector-light output, nearly 5km of fibre optic cable, 120 tonnes of equipment and 160,000 watts of speaker power at its disposal, the work showcases Guggenheim's sinuous beauty as well as its weighty reputation.

In its two decades, this jewel of contemporary architecture has not only played host to some of the modern era's avant-garde works, but has also helped transform Bilbao, a city that was in decline in the 1980s, into a thriving centre of the arts. More than 20 million people are said to have visited the museum so far.

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