Gliding towards victory in Switzerland

Gliders taking part in the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal in Disentis, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

During the event, competitors have to approach the GPS points precisely and cover the route as quickly as possible.

The organisers have labelled this "the first Alpine superfinal" as it is the first one to be held in the European Alps.

Disentis' spectacular terrain makes it a draw for those seeking superb and often technical mountain flying.

The Paragliding World Cup Superfinal attracts the best talent of the sport. Competitors have to earn their place by taking part in other World Cups throughout the year.

During non-pandemic years, about five standalone one-week World Cups will take place on the Paragliding World Cup circuit in various locations around the world.

The season then closes with a two-week superfinal to decide the overall superfinal champion for the year.

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