Fog adds air of mystery to the Taj

First it was smog, now it is fog. As winter descends, a cold fog blanketed northern India this week, obscuring the view of the Taj Mahal in Agra, about 200km from New Delhi.

Tourists seeking clear skies and sharp views have been frustrated by choking pollution in parts of northern India in recent weeks.

Now fog is clouding the picture, and upsetting travel plans, too, with flights delayed or rescheduled in New Delhi and Lucknow.

For some, though, the fog is adding an air of mystery to India's landscape and , particularly with the sunlight at just the right angle.

Last week, India's top court ordered a temporary ban on the sale of firecrackers after air quality reached crisis levels in New Delhi - the world's most polluted capital.

Air quality in Delhi plummeted after millions of people set off firecrackers to celebrate the Deepavali festival in October. That worsened the already serious pollution that was caused by the burning of crop stubble in neighbouring states.

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