Feet to behold

A Kyrgyz woman used only her feet to shoot a bow and arrow during the Ethno Fest festival last Saturday.

The one-day festival, held in the village of Ton, about 350km from the Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek, was a showcase of traditional nomadic art and lifestyle in the Central Asian nation.

Activities at the festival included displays of horseback archery and traditional Kyrgyz music, handicraft and cooking, as well as a competition to build the best yurt - a type of traditional tent.

One of the highlights was a showcase by berkutchy, or traditional eagle hunters, who train their golden eagles to catch prey such as rabbits and foxes.

Samples of nomadic Kyrgyz cuisine such as besh barmak (lamb with noodles) and traditional soups cooked on samovars (large containers for heating water) were also presented as dietary samples of life in the steppes.

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