Eagle's-eye view of climate change

Victor, a nine-year-old white-tailed eagle equipped with a 360-degree camera, flew over the Alps in Europe this past week to film and raise awareness of the effects of climate change.

The bird embarked on five flights over five days, surveying the mountaintops in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France from last Thursday to Monday. In the footage, it can be seen swooping over the majestic peaks, exposing the acute damage to the Alps' once magnificent glaciers due to the climate crisis.

It also flew over large compounds built on the top of summits, where it appears that much of the snow has receded.

Organisers hope its spectacular bird's-eye-view footage will help jolt the world out of climate change apathy and towards swifter action to combat its effects.

Victor's handler also hopes that those who see the footage will realise the importance of protecting birds and their environments.

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