Dressed for high tides

Venetians and tourists paraded their multi-coloured rain boots on raised walkways yesterday, as the "acqua alta" - a period of exceptionally high tides in the Adriatic Sea - took over St Mark's Square in Venice, Italy.

According to the Associated Press, Venice's tide forecast office said that the water level peaked at 1.27m yesterday morning, but warned that an even higher tide was forecast for after nightfall.

As St Mark's Square, the largest and most important square in Venice, rests just above sea level, it is especially vulnerable to flooding during the "acqua alta", which usually occurs from autumn to spring.

Stormy weather has dogged Italy lately, with downpours drenching much of the country.

Meteorologists predicted more heavy rain coming in yesterday, especially in the north-east, which includes Venice, as well as in Sicily and elsewhere in the south.

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