Cracking show at the museum

It is painstaking work handling these "eggs-quisite" creations, but someone has to do it. Mr Thomas Mussner, a conservator with the Liechtenstein National Museum, is responsible for checking these priceless works of art that will go on show at the Singapore Philatelic Museum from next week, just before Easter.

The exhibition, titled Precious Eggs: Of Art, Beauty And Culture, showcases 148 intricately decorated eggs from the renowned Adulf Peter Goop Collection belonging to the Liechtenstein National Museum. This is the first time that the pieces are being shown outside Europe.

They were carefully selected by Ms Chua Mei Lin, a curator at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, from a collection of an estimated 4,000 eggs from all over the world.

Handcrafted from chicken, goose and ostrich eggs, as well as from wood and metal, these artworks are not only beautiful to look at, but also reveal rich histories behind them.

The Gems Of History exhibit, for example, features eggs from Imperial Russia, where there was a custom among Czars to give their wives and mothers bejewelled eggs as Easter gifts.

The exhibition, to run from next Friday to Oct 8, is free for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

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