Colour me black and white

This image of contrasting colours, Llamas Black and White Balloons, was shot by United States fine-art photographer Gray Malin at the world's largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia.

Mentored by Bolivian photographer Gaston Ugalde, Mr Malin created a series of photos, called Far Far Away, on the salt flat, which expands nearly 13,000 sq km and sits 3,658m in elevation. Here, the colour temperature reaches an intense 6,727 deg C, making all objects appear brighter than the eye normally sees.

Each photo in Mr Malin's series is presented in raw form with no editing except for the removal of the ropes used to corral the animals.

For Mr Malin, this body of work is about capturing the whimsical happiness of a place unknown, but his website notes that it "is left up to the viewer to interpret".

While his early notable work put him on the radar of fashion and art enthusiasts, he has since become recognised for his inventive nature scenes.

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