Check on a chick

It's penguin hatching season in South Africa, and that means, it's all hands on deck for the rangers at the South African National Parks, and the Cape Nature group.

Many penguin eggs are abandoned by their parents, and sometimes, the adults are found nesting in areas outside of the protected colony, putting both the adults and their young at risk.

When this happens, the adult penguins are relocated to the safety of the colony. Rangers rescue abandoned penguin eggs from the colonies and take them to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (Sanccob) in Cape Town, where the hatchlings are reared by hand.

At Sanccob, Chick Rearing Unit head Romy Klusner gives the chicks a check-up, like she did with this two-day-old endangered African penguin chick (left) yesterday.

For the next three months, these penguin chicks will receive treatment at Sanccob until the juvenile penguins are deemed fit and healthy enough for their release back into the wild.

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