Building on memories, one miniature at a time

While others might record notable moments in their lives with a few selfies, Mr Hank Cheng (left) has gone a step further.

This interior designer from Taipei recreates such scenes in miniature, building remarkably realistic models of streets and buildings in an attempt to preserve his memories for the future and also share them with his 32,000 followers on Instagram.

Mr Cheng's first miniature model, created more than three years ago, was based on a restaurant he used to visit while studying in Japan.

He has since tried to push his boundaries by creating smaller and smaller models.

Although Mr Cheng has participated in several international competitions with his creations, the most important reward for him is the process of making and appreciating his artworks.

He says immersing himself in the "small people world" of his creations and turning them into something that attracts peoples' affection help him relax.

He sometimes spends up to 12 hours a day on his art, and adds that although the minute detail work can be excruciatingly boring, it is always worth it in the end.

While some of the vehicles used in Mr Cheng's street scenes are bought in shops, all the buildings and small details like the magazines and the furniture for his model houses are created from scratch.


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