Bridging land and sky

Early visitors to the Sky Bridge 721 are reduced to specks in the distance as they brave the narrow walkway of the world's longest suspension bridge, located in the Czech Republic's Dolni Morava village, on Monday.

Connecting two mountain peaks, the bridge is 721m long and rises 95m above the valley, and its walkway measures just 1.2m wide.

The Sky Bridge 721 beats two other contenders for the title of the world's longest suspension footbridge: the Gandaki Golden Bridge in Nepal, which measures 567m in length, and the 516 Arouca bridge in Portugal, which is named after its length in metres.

After crossing the valley to the other side of the bridge, visitors can discover the history of the area via a 2km educational nature trail called The Bridge Of Time.

Beside its footbridge, Dolni Morava is renowned for its hiking paths, mountain-biking trails, roller coasters and adventure parks in the summer. In the winter, it is a popular ski resort.

The facility took two years to build and will officially open on Friday.

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