Braving the cold for a holy dip

The dense fog and drop in temperature did not stop a Sikh devotee from taking a dip in the holy Amrit Sarovar (pool of nectar) surrounding the Golden Temple in the north-western Indian city of Amritsar in Punjab state yesterday.

Devotees who visit the Golden Temple believe that spiritual and worldly benefits are gained by immersing themselves in the holy water of the tank that surrounds the gleaming central shrine.

Legend has it that the tank, which is ringed by a marble walkway, has healing powers and a dip in its waters can also cure people of ailments. Pilgrims from across the world visit to bathe in its sacred waters.

Although the Golden Temple is the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, people from all over the world, irrespective of their religion, pay their obeisance at the temple.

The residents of North India woke up yesterday to a foggy morning with extremely low visibility, leading to massive traffic jams in the region.

The drop in temperature and heavy fog are expected to persist over the next few days, India's Skymet Weather reported yesterday.

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