Birdwatchers of a feather flock together

This lineated barbet (Psilopogon lineatus) feeding fruits to its chick has drawn a group of about 40 photographers to a tree at a block in Toh Yi Drive.

For the past three weeks, these birdwatchers have been gathering, waiting patiently to capture pictures of the feathered family.

Early yesterday morning, the parents of the chick were seen busy sourcing for food, constantly flying back and forth to a hole about 3m high in the tree trunk.

The lineated barbet is a large barbet found in the Indian subcontinent, south-west China, mainland South-east Asia, Java and Bali, as well as Singapore. It is a fruit-eating bird that nests in holes bored into tree trunks.

A resident in an apartment block next to the tree said that in the 30 years she has lived there, this is the first time she has seen a bird nesting near her home.

Birdwatchers believe the chick is ready to fledge any time now, having had three weeks for its feathers and wing muscles to sufficiently develop for flight.

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