Art on the move

Rows and rows of small clay figures are on the move in Georg Korner's studio in Berlin.

The sculptures - ranging in height from 20cm to 30cm, and each fashioned as a unique personality - are part of his latest project called Transit, on which he has been working for the past three years. By next month, the number of figures is to reach 2,600, says the artist's website.

The German sculptor was inspired by Anna Seghers' 1944 novel, also called Transit, which explores the theme of exiles and people in flight.

Mr Korner brings his own interpretation of that idea to his installation, by not just depicting the countless refugees and migrants who are crossing borders today, but also alluding to the march of mankind through history, and the way people have changed.

Thus, he has created Transit in two parts.

One half stands for the teeming masses making their way to other lands with suitcases in hand.

The other part features personalities from pop culture, fantasy and history, including saints, World War I soldiers, mythical figures, suicide bombers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, singer Lady Gaga and even Batman.

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