Art of shaking up senses

He has made the pointed tip of the Buenos Aires' Obelisk monument disappear and tricked visitors into thinking they were seeing others underwater in a giant pool.

Argentina's Leandro Erlich is shaking up the art world with his illusions.

From massive installations to videos, Mr Erlich's works employ optical illusions and sound effects to shake up notions of common sense - like with his Building installation, where visitors place themselves on a building facade installed on the ground, but are reflected in a mirror to the side.

Covering the entire 25 years of Mr Erlich's career to date, the Leandro Erlich: Seeing And Believing exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo is the largest exhibition devoted to the work of this artist, and will run until April 1.

Mr Erlich hopes to stimulate people's senses, and not just their intellect.

Though what the audience sees may at first glance seem familiar, on closer inspection, it proves to be a surprising, unsettling deviation from the usual, in the form of, for example, a boat floating in the absence of water or a matrix of lifts where people do not see their own reflections in mirrors.

"All of my work has an aspect of public participation," said Mr Erlich. "The starting point is my passion for challenges, and being able to express my ideas."


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