Another way to hit the high spots

These daredevils were certainly up for an adventure last Saturday as they performed gravity-defying acts on top of the Moleson peak in the scenic Gruyeres region of Switzerland. They were participating in the Highline Extreme event, which ended yesterday.

Highlining is an aerial version of slacklining, and involves participants making their way across a flat nylon webbing stretched many metres above the ground between two anchor points. It is different from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut, but is allowed to stretch and bounce.

The fifth edition of the event brought together 25 of the world's best slackliners to the 2,002m-high mountain, where they could choose from six different lines ranging from 45m to 480m.

Balancing on slacklines is a training method used by climbers to improve their sense of equilibrium.

To avoid the danger of falling down, athletes are secured with a rope.

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