Alms for this Hulk

The Hulk is invincible, endowed with god-like strength. He's the one damsels in distress put their faith in. He's the one who will save them when they are in a tight spot.

Even so, it appears one Thai monk has taken a massive leap of faith with this large green humanoid comic book character.

A Buddhist abbot at the Wat Tam Ru temple in Samut Prakan province, on the outskirts of Bangkok, has put up statues of fictional American superheroes such as Iron Man, the Hulk and Superman, as well as Japanese manga series character Arale Norimaki.

The idea is to attract children and young people to visit the temple, so they can be inspired to learn about Buddhist teachings.

The unique approach to spreading the faith seems to have gone down well with devotees like this Thai woman, who made a donation to the temple by putting some money into the Hulk statue last Friday.

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