All hay and no neigh

The Trojan horse of folklore was used to deceive the people of Troy into letting the Greeks into their city but this modern Taiwanese version, fortunately, is not part of any subterfuge.

The horse is, in fact, popular with tourists, like this family that visited the farm on Monday.

The farm is located in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan. Some 200 workers of the recreational farm spent three months to build the horse with 7 tonnes of hay.

The horse, built with a steel frame as well as bamboo and hay, is 20m tall, 20m long and 8m wide. The belly of the horse can accommodate 20 visitors at a time to enjoy the view from eight windows.

The Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm is owned by the Tainan County Agricultural Association. It has an area of 120ha and was the first recreational farm theme park to be established in Taiwan.

The farm integrates grasslands, forests and rivers. According to the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, it also has abundant natural ecological resources.

There are more than 150 wild animal species, including six kinds of protected bird species, three kinds of protected amphibious species, one protected mammal species and one protected insect species.

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