A walk in the clouds in heels

Is walking in high-heeled shoes on the ground too easy? Try crossing a high-altitude slackline in them, as Frenchwoman Mimi Gaiden (left) did on Sunday.

She was one of the participants of the Tianmenshan Women's High Heels Sling Race, a thrilling competition high in the sky at the Tianmenshan Scenic Spot in Zhangjiajie in China's Hunan province.

Slacklining over the world's most beautiful places has been growing in popularity through the years as adventure seekers try to go places no one else has gone.

Slackliners also frequently try to push the boundaries of the sport with various daring feats. Besides wearing high-heeled shoes, slackliners are also known to perform tricks including backflips and handstands on the line.

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