A room with a view... and no roof

Welcome to the Null Stern Hotel (Zero Star Hotel), a conceptual art project that lets guests bed down in a field with unobstructed views of Switzerland's majestic landscape.

Raphael (left) and Mirjam were the first guests on Saentis mountain, near Gonten, last Thursday. Guests can stay overnight in this room with no walls and roof at an altitude of some 1,200m in the eastern Swiss Alps, reported Reuters.

An overnight stay in this double bed "suite" costs 295 Swiss francs (S$420), but you do get a drink on arrival, breakfast and the services of a "modern butler" - typically a local farmer in rubber boots. The "butler" escorts guests to the site, gives weather reports and delivers local jokes through a TV set.

This year's offering is nearly sold out after more than 1,300 requests for reservations.

Created by twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, and partner Daniel Charbonnier, the project aims to do away with traditional approaches to hospitality in the wealthy country known for its luxurious, top-star mountain and lakeside resorts.

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