A long tradition of top dogs

It was a dog show with pedigree - the Westminster Kennel Club's marquee event in New York, which began on Monday, was into its 141st year.

This row of beagles were among the 2,800 dogs of 200 breeds competing at the annual show, which is the second-oldest sporting event in the United States, behind the Kentucky Derby horse race, reported Reuters.

This year's two-day show featured dogs from 49 states and 16 countries outside of the US.

Dogs were separated into seven categories: hound, toy, non-sporting, sporting, herding, working and terrier, where they were judged in various competitions such as breed, agility and obedience.

On Monday, a norwegian elkhound, a pekinese, a miniature poodle and a german shepherd were the first four finalists.

There is no prize money for winning at Westminster. Instead, the payoff can come in breeding rights, reported USA Today.

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