A giant leap for the record books

A group of daredevils jumped off a bridge in Brazil on Sunday, hoping to set a world record in rope jumping.

Photos of the stunt show 149 participants - each tied to a rope - as they took the plunge from a height of 30m in Hortolandia, a city about 109km north-west of Sao Paulo, reported the Daily Mail Online.

Rope jumping involves jumping from impressive heights while tied to a nylon rope.

It differs from bungee jumping in that the rope does not have any bounce.

So, instead of bouncing back, rope-jumping enthusiasts slow down at the end of their fall and end up dangling at the end of the rope.

One jump requires months of preparation due to the complicated system of pulleys and bolts involved, The Huffington Post reported.

Participants in the Hortolandia stunt all wore safety gear, including helmets and harnesses.

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