A giant iceberg comes sailing

Ferryland, Newfoundland, is host to a special visitor, as seen here on Sunday: a giant iceberg, the first of the season.

The small Canadian town has a prime view of Iceberg Alley - so called because from spring to September, many icebergs break off in the Arctic and float down past the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, said The Independent.

Ferryland Mayor Adrian Kavanagh told The Canadian Press on Monday that the iceberg looked grounded and could stick around.

"It's the biggest one I (have) ever seen around here," he added.

Pictures have been making the rounds on social media, including one of a helicopter apparently parked on one end, looking insect- size in comparison.

Canada's CBC News said that over the Easter weekend, the Southern Shore highway near the town was blocked with traffic as photographers pulled up to snap pictures.

Meanwhile, Ferryland is bracing itself for more icebergs. Mr Kavanagh said there are "five or six big" ones in the distance that could make their way down if winds pick up.

Experts believe that this year's bumper crop is down to strong counter-clockwise winds, as well as global warming. It's been a busy season for icebergs so far, with 616 having moved into the North Atlantic shipping lanes compared with 687 during last year's season.

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